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We are moving Kitchens and will temporarily not be taking orders for a few days....all orders received and paid for by 10/28/13 will be fulfilled. We will be back up soon. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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City Pizza Overnight caters to those who crave real thin-crust New York pizza but can't find it nearby. We use only the finest high-quality ingredients to custom-make your pizza. Reheat, fold and savor the street gourmet taste of NYC. Napkins required (sorry, not included!).

New Yorker Adam Froelich has years of pizza-making experience (as well as a lot of other irrelevant experience). CPO makes pizza pies to order with all your favorite toppings and then overnight-delivers them FRESH for you to reheat. Chow down!

After years of experimenting, CPO has perfected the gluten free pizza and we never mingle our ingredients, so you'll know it's the real deal. Gluten-free eaters---enjoy New York pizza deliciousness that you may not have had in years!

Place your Internet order now (by 4pm EST) and we'll put in our brick oven for you. It'll ship tonight and will be there in time for dinner tomorrow! (maybe lunch, but no promises, that's between you and your FedEx driver.)

It will be a pizza trip down memory lane. (Or Queens Boulevard, or wherever)

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Adam Froelich
Owner | Head Chef
"City Pizza was awesome! Brought me straight back to NYC & the unrivaled pies we ate & ate. Gluten free was also surprisingly delicious. We're converts."
-Christa S, San Anselmo, CA
"Best Gluten free pizza I have ever had!
-Daryl M, White Plains, NY
"Loving City Pizza!!! Quick & easy to place and order…Arrived! Following the heating instructions & had great pie!!! Awesome!!!
-Leslie W, Chappaqua, NY
"Adam rocks! He sent me a Gluten Free pizza that has returned the joy of eating NY Style pizza to my life! Highly recommend for my Celiac friends! My non-gluten free husband loved it too!
-Julie B, New York, NY
"Awesome and easy Lake Tahoe dinner with friends & kids! Toss a salad & send for City Pizza Overnight! The crazy part is that it is more economical than ordering locally! Tasted like NY without having to go there.
-Cindy J, Lake Tahoe, CA
"Viola! Just like that! 6 minutes in the oven and we are transported back to Italian Village restaurant in Scarsdale! City Pizza & Adam Froelich, way to go!
-Elizabeth M, Nashville,TN
"For an amazing authentic NYC pizza, call City Pizza! They will overnight you any pizza. A little slice of home for me here in Florida. Great idea. Thanks Guys!!
-Jim M, Miami,FL
"We are so excited to have found somewhere to order authentic NY Pizza since we are now living in Salt Lake it has been impossible to find that authentic NY taste. ordering is so easy, and it arrives the next morning! City Pizza is such a great service to all New Yorkers who crave NY Style pizza and live elsewhere in the country" Thanks Adam!
-Liz A, Salt Lake City,UT
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